Visualising Climate Change: Open Call for Photography Submissions

This article contains image descriptions in the captions to help those with visual impairments.

A heliostat is carefully cleaned at the Ivanpah Solar Project in California, where mirrors reflect sunlight to boilers that generate renewable electricity.
Photo credit: Dennis Schroeder / NREL ID: Man in orange t shirt and white hat, cleans giant solar panels in the desert which are reflecting the blue sky and white clouds.

How do you best represent climate change within photography? Well, our friends at Climate Visuals have been answering that question by showcasing the very real impacts of the climate crisis as well as those who are helping to combat the disaster through the work of incredible photographers.

But now, with one of their biggest open calls ever, Climate Visuals want to hear from more photographers from around the world. Partnering with TED Countdown, Climate Visuals has a fund of $100,000 to license pre existing images that explore the many threads of climate change. The categories in which they are looking for visual responses for are Energy, Transport, Material, Food and Nature.

See the full brief below and how to submit your photography with the chance to get paid and help effectively communicate the impacts of the climate crisis.


The visual narratives in circulation must move from illustrating climate causes and impacts to climate justice, solutions and positive change. The online submission and licensing process will consider a broad range of diversity, equity and inclusion factors to ensure that the opportunity is global, accessible, fair, representative, illustrative and impactful. The goal is to provide both a platform, voice and visual tools to people and communities not yet represented in the mainstream climate change narrative.  

The photographic and wider creative sector has been significantly impacted by Covid-19. Selected photographers will be both fairly remunerated and have the opportunity to be profiled, exhibit their work virtually and physically at Countdown events and COP26 in Glasgow, and featured in a global media campaign.  This will be a deliberately inclusive space for photographers who may lack the opportunity to showcase their work and ideas in such a global project with a meaningful route to impact. 

‘Visualizing Climate Change: An Open Call for Photography’ aims to ultimately support climate change photographers, educators, communicators and campaigners by the creation of a new free-to-access collection of the world’s most impactful photography.

Deadline is 30th June 20201 and to find out more and submit your photography, click here