Synchronised Swimmers with Eva Watkins

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ID: Six women stand behind one another on the steps that go into a wild swimming pool. They are wearing colourful swimming caps of yellow, orange, purple and blue.

Natural swimming lakes and ponds are a lure for us all in the warm summer months, it's a unique experience which helps connect us to one another and nature. Synchronised Swimmers by Eva Watkins is a portrait led body of work which documents the relationships of swimmers who train in Henleaze Lake in Bristol. Originally set up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the lake, the swimmers train, bond and perform in the lakes natural waters. With the leafless tree's and visibly chilly looking environment, it would be easy for these photographs to come across as cold. However, the frames are filled with warmths from the passion of the swimmers and clear deep and unique bonds to celebrate the landscape which they have grown to love. From touching hands in freezing water to posing on the banks of the lake, Watkins has created a series we can all relate to, community and companionship.

ID: Two peoples arms lay across one another in the water.
ID: Three women in black swimming costumes and colourful swimming caps stand in marshy grassland on the verge of the natural swimming pool.
ID: A woman's hand with wedding wings on splashing in the water.
ID: A portrait of a wild swimmer, she is wearing a yellow swim cap with her red lipstick and make up visible. She is standing side on with her head turned to us.

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