Image by Tom Hegan. Commissioned by Harry Rose whilst at British Journal of Photography

DARWIN is happy to announce a new FREE mentorship program. Lasting 6 months and taking on 5 photographers, the mentorship will support photographers at key stages in their career. Led by our editor Harry Rose who has 10 years experience in the creative industry from commissioning photography to launching global branded content led campaigns with some of the world most recognisable brands. The mentorship will cover portfolio support for both personal and professional work as well as help with commissions and pitching your work for paid jobs. 

We recently caught up with Harry to find out more behind the mentorship and what to expect.

Image by FRANCESCA ALLEN . Commissioned by Harry Rose whilst at British Journal of Photography

Hey Harry, what made you want to launch a mentorship program?

Hello! It has been on the cards a long time since wanting to bring Darwin back. Since COVID19 and lockdown, I’ve been in contact with so many creatives who’ve been hit really hard yet they were able to just get by. Thinking about the photographers who were early career and then being hit by this pandemic, my heart really went out to them. It’s not easy in photo land, even without a global pandemic. Everything stopped, and I wanted to do something which would help move things along for some photographers. It also felt right as I’ve just finished up an 19 month contract where I was representing photographers as an agent and producer, I really want to keep that side of my life going as I find it really rewarding being the person behind the scenes making things work.

What can people expect from the mentorship?

They can certainly expect a lot of support and weekly catch ups with myself. I will be providing insight into help with editing work, putting projects together as well as opening doors where I can. People can expect some special industry guests to give one off portfolio reviews and I will be working closely with each photographer to help secure paid work as well as commissions. Throughout the 6 months, I expect each photographer to go in different directions and I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can work together to help out in uncertain and challenging times in the creative world. 

Image by Emily Garthwaite - Agent support by Harry Rose

What are you looking for from a photographer when taking on a mentorship role?

I’m looking for people who have a drive and are passionate. Also for photographers whose work and approach I connect with and feel I can help with. I wouldn’t mentor any photographer out there, I would have to be able to visualise being able to get them meetings, paid work ect. Seeing that raw potential with the right support and resources they’d be able to achieve what they want to under the 6 months. 

If the photographer has had paid work in the past and won awards, should they still apply?

Absolutely. Even though I’m looking for an early career, if they have won awards and secured paid work, I’d still want to hear from them and see how I can help.

Image by Laura Pannack. Commissioned by Harry Rose whilst at British Journal of Photography

This mentorship is for photographers only. If you'd like to be considered for the program, email your portfolio and a brief statement of where you want to take your creative practice to : Harry@darwinmagazine.co.uk

Applicants will be selected based on where they are in their career and knowledge that our team can bring to your progression as a creative.