The Man Who Sold the World with Markus Klinko

Previously unseen studio portraits of the late David Bowie by photographer Markus Klinko have now been released to the general public. Since their publication, Klinko has used money generated from print sales for good causes and most recently in the fight against Covid 19.

This article contains image descriptions in the captions to help those with visual impairments.

Special thanks to Culture Media and Zebra Gallery.

Courtesy of Markus Klinko ID David Bowie is walking towards us with a baron landscape in the background. Bowie is wearing black boots and a black leather trench coat whilst holding a young infant in his right arm.
Courtesy of Markus Klinko ID: A portrait of David Bowie, his head and shoulders are visible with his eyes whited out to make him look like an alien.
Courtesy of Markus Klinko ID: David Bowie is slumped over a desk with his arms and chest touching the desk. Bowie has a pensive look on his face looking off into the distance.
Courtesy of Markus Klinko ID: David Bowie in a photography studio holding a leash which has a wolf attached. The wolf has its mouth wide open in aggression, baring its teeth with its ears pulled back.
Courtesy of Markus Klinko ID: David Bowie standing in front of a yellow backdrop in a tweed suit. His hands are clutched together across his stomach.
Courtesy of Markus Klinko ID: David Bowie is on his knees in a tweed suit, looking at something in front of him which isn't visible to the viewer. A backlight of yellow lightens up Bowies head and back.